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What colors look best on me? What is my color personality profile?

Most men choose conservative colors for their shirts and suits. Matching shades of gray, black and white is easy and matches well for any type. Ties on the other hand, are made in a large variety of colors. Wearing a colorful necktie is very acceptable, and actually shows a sense of fashion sense (as long as matched correctly). What colors look good on you depends to the most part on your complexion –meaning skin and hair color. Your body type as well has some impact on the colors that look best for you. Which type describes you?

Gentle Color Type

Usually men with light blond hair, and blue or green eyes fall into this category. They are fair skinned and tan slowly. If this is you, then the best colors for you are clear and light colors. In addition combine colors to create a light to medium contrast (from light to darker shades). Especially all warm color shades look good on you such as: Salmon, apricot, sage green, turquoise, aqua, and coral reds. Avoid clothing combination that shows too much contrast between light and dark. A black suit, white shirt, and bright red tie for example would be a bad outfit for the gentle color type.

Light Bright Color Type

This type is characterized by brown-blond hair and a light skin. Again, lighter color shades are preferred. The colors that suit best are cool and smoky colors such as blue, gray, rosewood, and lavender.

Contrast Color Type

This type has golden brown to medium brown hair and an olive skin tone. The best colors for this type are strong and intense colors such as auburn, bright reds, olive green, golden yellow, orange and copper.

Muted Color Type

Most often this type has dark brown to black or white hair (turns gray early). This is the type that can wear strong contrast with no problem. Strong contrasts between black and white works well. Bright colors of red, blue, and turquoise are ideal. Black or midnight blue suits and white dress shirts paired with a powerful and brightly colored tie is a great outfit for this type.

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