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How to tie a necktie: The Prince Albert knot

The Prince Albert knot is quite similar to the Four-in-Hand necktie knot. The only difference includes a second wrap-around, which will make the knot a bit more voluminous. Because of this, the Prince Albert knot is often called the Double-Simple tie knot. It is quite suitable for high and wide-spread collars as well as for all long neckties. It is a preferred tie knot for thin ties as well as for men’s ties, that are made from a smooth satin silk fabric.

Short men often have problems with ties being too long. No matter what they try, the ends always dangle down far too long. As a general rule you do not want the narrow end of the tie hanging lower than the wide end – something that can be difficult if you are short and/or have a smaller neck size. Therefore, for short men it is helpful to wrap around the broad end a second time. Men who prefer a large but longish knot – just as the Italians do – should definitely be able to tie the Prince Albert knot. The procedure of tying this knot is quite similar to the Four-in-Hand or Simple Knot.

Prince-Albert-Knot Necktie Knot

  1. As with every necktie knot, put the tie around your neck so that the broader part will be hanging down on the right side. Leave a little extra length on the wide part of the tie. The extra length of the necktie is needed for the second wrap.
  2. Now grab the wide end with your right hand and pass it over to the left across the narrow end, which you hold with your left hand. Then, wrap the broad end around the narrow one so that it will be on the left side again.
  3. In comparison to the Four-in-Hand necktie knot, the Prince Albert knot requires two wraps. Simple repeat step 2. If you prefer an extremely big necktie knot, you can do a third time. A third wrap around might also be a good idea for extremely thin ties. Just keep in mind, that the more wraps and the thicker the tie knot, the more length of the wide end of the tie you will need.
  4. The final step of the Prince Albert knot is almost identical with the Simple necktie knot: With your left hand, pass the wide end from underneath over to the half-tied knot and pull it all the way through to the front. Then, with your right hand, pass the broad end through the loop. Pay attention to only pass the tie through the last loop. It might happen that it will not work the first time. If so, don’t be disappointed and simply try once more, right from the beginning. As last step, hold on to the narrow end and slowly tighten the knot gently.

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