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How to tie a necktie: The Kent tie knot

Besides the FIH tie knot, the Kent knot is one of the easiest ways to tie a necktie. The Kent knot is quite small, and it is therefore also often called the “small necktie knot”. Just like the Four-in-Hand, the Kent knot only uses very little of the tie’s length - making it a perfect choice for tall men. In fact, it needs 1 or 2 loops less than other necktie knots, which leaves an extra 2-2.5 inches of the tie’s length. Even though there are fewer steps to tie the Kent knot, it does not mean that this is easy to tie it perfectly. Just like with everything, practice is needed to make it a perfect Kent knot. Follow the tie knot instructions below:

Krawattenknoten four-in-hand

  1. Put the tie around your neck with the wide end of the necktie hanging down from your left side. Then twist this wide end of the tie 180 degrees so the seam is showing. Doing this is important since it will ensure that the tie knot will hold it’s shape.
  2. Pass the broader end of the tie behind the narrow end
  3. Then pass the wide end around to the front side of the necktie.
  4. Pass the broader end of the tie through the loop and gently pull the knot tight. Done!

The Kent knot is small and asymmetric. It goes well with collars that have narrow spread, as well as with classic oxford button down collar shirts. Because the Kent knot is a very small knot, you should choose this type of knot for neckties that are made from a thicker material. Woven silk ties with a heavier inlay and lining are a perfect choice for the kent necktie knot. For more ways to tie your necktie please visit our overview page on How to Tie a Necktie

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