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How to Get a Dimple in Your Necktie Knot.

In recent years fashion experts have been taking about “dimples” when talking about perfectly tied tie knots. What is a dimple? As the name suggests, it is crevice in the tie knot, that is about 1 inch long and looks like, you guessed right, a dimple. You might ask yourself why the dimple is so popular. Well, the dimple in the knot adds structure to the tie. It looks especially stylish when tying a solid colored tie made from a smooth satin like silk fabric. Formal solid colored silver ties should be tied with a dimple for example. The dimple simply adds to the sophisticated look to any tie knot be it the traditional Four in Hand or the popular and stylish double Windsor knot – the dimple will always at the extra touch of sophistication and will differentiate the “necktie newbie” from the true necktie aficionado.

How to Dimple Your Tie Knot

The dimple is made during the step before the tie knots gets tightened. Before tightening the knot gently fold the tie in a way that creates a fold in the center of the tie. The fold has to go all the way through the knot if you want the dimple to stay in place. A simple trick to create the dimple is by placing one finder into the fold, all the way inside the knot. Then slowly pull it tight. Pull out your finger and tighten the knot a little more. Done! A perfectly dimpled tie knot! The dimple should be centered at the knot and should never fold the tie over so that the narrow end of the tie becomes visible.

This page gives instruction on how to make a dimple in your tie knot. Simple to follow instructions that will guide you to a perfectly dimpled necktie knot. For more information you may also want to visit our guide on Matching Ties as well as Mens Dress Codes